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Sample Work - Liminal Design by Catherine Sani

Liminal Design by Catherine Sani Ltd. is an Architectural Consultancy & Design firm established 2018, as a studio exploring design, writing and photography rooted in an interest in Architecture that goes beyond the building. A fluid, ever changing,  platform exploring the belief that, “Architecture is as much about the events that take place in space as about the spaces themselves.”

Available to take on design that draws on site and/or context married with the needs of the client, the firm aims to explore a varied work sphere imbued with common threads weaving through. Core interests lie in – an examination of the complexities of liminal space – a belief in the need for consideration to be given to communities often marginalized [particularly in urban design] – a seeking of discourse on alienation and disconnection from the urban environment – identity and it’s tie to one’s perception of space – and a desire to live the African saying “I am because we are”.

The practice is led by Catherine Sani a UK trained Malawian - Ethiopian Architect. A multi-pronged designer, Catherine is Arts inclined and is currently available for freelance projects, consultancies and collaborations.

Samples from Catherine's Portfolio are below.